A summer call-to-action on winter sidewalks

This past week, the Kitchener Community and Infrastructure Services Committee approved a plan to pilot different alternatives for keeping sidewalks clear and accessible in winter. The plan would see the city test out proactive bylaw enforcement, full city plowing, and shared responsibility between homeowners and city contracted plows in various parts of the city. It’s an important first step in figuring out how to best ensure our sidewalks are open and safe year-round.

However, we’ve become aware of an intense lobbying effort to cancel the plan at Monday’s upcoming City Council meeting. Don’t let the naysayers dump snow on the path to equitable winter sidewalks – speak up for improving winter mobility!

A quick email or phone call to your councillors expressing your thanks for supporting the pilot would go a long way. Better yet, if you’re able to, attend the council meeting on Monday June 25 and register to delegate.

You can also help to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. Watch for the hashtag #snowbilityWR and don’t forget to tag your councillors!

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