Improved Service

Frequency improvements are desperately needed on busy routes. Additionally, we would like Grand River Transit to provide new service and improve its service in certain areas.

Most importantly, we would like to see a guaranteed high-frequency bus network.

Recommended Improved Service

  • All-night service on the Central Transit Corridor via Routes 7, 52, and the iXpress
  • Sunday service: It is difficult to rely on a transit system that does not serve many parts of the region on Sundays and holidays. Areas missing Sunday service include many areas in Cambridge, and Victoria Street North in Kitchener.
  • Better connections to the VIA (and future GO Transit) station, including Sunday service
  • A redesigned Route 7 that would be simpler to use and easier to understand

Recommended New Service

  • Connection to Guelph Transit
  • More service to the townships and to the Regional Airport
  • Express routes in addition to the iXpress