Bold Line Network

Part of the allure of going somewhere by car is that you don’t have to juggle schedules or think about when you’re leaving – you just walk out your front door. TriTAG believes that the Region of Waterloo has the ability to make this a reality for many transit users today.

We propose a network of transit lines that can be relied upon for frequent schedule-free service all day (every 10 minutes or better), every day, and for reliable service at night. These bus routes would be “bold lines” on the transit map and would follow easy to remember routes. Just look for a stop, wait a few minutes for a bus, and be on your way — no schedules or planning needed.

With regular bus routes, you have to look up the time of the next bus, show up a few minutes early, and often wait for a bus that is a few minutes late — and sometimes 10 minutes late or more. Frequent-service routes would require effectively the same amount of waiting or less, but the service would be more reliable since buses would adhere to between-bus headways instead of schedules.

At a fraction of what the Region currently spends on roads, the following example high-frequency network would prove immensely useful to the region’s transit users and would-be transit users:

10 minute service or better on:

  • A simplified Route 7 Mainline along King Street
  • iXpress
  • Hespeler Road
  • Fischer-Hallman Road
  • Ottawa Street
  • University Ave
  • King-Coronation
  • Highland-Queen-Frederick