Uncrowded Buses

Many routes have been observed to be running packed buses, and sometimes leaving riders behind. This is unacceptable, not only because it directly inconveniences those left behind or forced to cram onto the buses, but also because it makes the conditions intolerable within those full buses, and makes transit less attractive for those who are not committed transit users.

Crowded buses are indicative of routes that have the most potential new ridership, and it makes economic, long-term strategic, as well as plain common sense to add buses to those routes.

Routes with Capacity Issues

  • The iXpress between Conestoga and Fairview, all day but especially in peak hours and on the last bus
  • All branches of Route 7 north of Charles Street Terminal during extended rush hours
  • Route 9
  • Route 12
  • Route 29 during morning and afternoon rush
  • Route 21 to St. Jacobs and Elmira
  • Route 52