Passenger Dignity

TriTAG wants people to be able to walk, cycle, and take transit with dignity in the Region of Waterloo.

Bus Ads

Many Grand River Transit buses have huge advertising wraps covering the entire backs or sides of buses. We at TriTAG feel that one cannot ride a moving billboard with dignity. Anything that obscures the windows on buses allows less light into the bus, making it a much less pleasant place to be. Not only is it no longer possible to take in scenery along the way, it can be hard to figure out whether you have reached your stop.

GRT clearly understands that ads would water down the iXpress brand. They should also realize that Grand River Transit is itself a brand, and they are doing themselves no favours by making it a low-class one.

Crowded Buses

There is no dignity in being packed like sardines, or in being left at a stop by a full bus.

Bus Idling

GRT’s policy is for drivers to leave buses running at timing points. Buses regularly wait up to ten minutes, wasting fuel and contributing to air pollution. TriTAG feels this is unacceptable, and urges that anti-idling rules be put in place, as they have been in other transit systems.

Bus Comfort

GRT buses are equipped with hard, uncomfortable seats. These seats were chosen — without passenger consultation — because they are marginally cheaper to maintain. TriTAG would like Grand River Transit to consult riders when ordering new buses. There is no reason buses cannot be comfortable, and we believe that the increased ridership they would bring would more than offset the marginal cost increases. We want buses to be as much like people’s cars as possible: quiet, comfortable, spacious.