Bike Lanes

With more traffic on our roads and more people taking up cycling, unpleasant and often dangerous interactions between the two are an increasing issue. Wherever possible, separating cyclist and motor traffic is an excellent way to improve road safety and traffic flows for both. Properly done, bike lanes help make cycling and cyclists more visible and encourage more people to take up cycling.

Few roads in the Waterloo Region have bike lanes, and the ones that do often lack proper connections. The Regional Cycling Master Plan calls for the creation of a core network of bike lanes by 2015, and a long-term network sometime after 2025.

TriTAG believes that in order to entice Regional citizens into a healthier, more active form of transportation, implementation of the Regional Cycling Master Plan needs to be accelerated, and bike lanes should become an integral part of any street or road rebuild, anywhere in the Region.

Opportunity exists to include protected bike lanes on King Street in Uptown when the streetscape is redone in the next few years. This project could be a catalyst for a network of protected bike infrastructure across the Region.