Week in review: January 15, 2018

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Consultations, feedback, and events

Sidewalk slip-n-slide

  • Abominable snow maintenance and its implications on community accessibility (Robin Mazumder)
  • Time to have a conversation about sidewalk clearing (Waterloo Chronicle)
  • City should clear sidewalks as a way of improving accessibility (Waterloo Chronicle)
  • How to make snow-bound cities less of a frozen hell for people with disabilities (Fast Company)
  • We need some creative solutions to snow clearing (Kitchener Post)


  • Testing across the entire ION light rail route (Region of Waterloo)
  • GRT piloting buses with driver shields (GRT)
  • The secret behind Brampton’s transit success (TVO)
  • Toronto cleared cars off its biggest transit street, and ridership soared almost overnight (Streetsblog)
  • LRT officials optimistic for spring launch (570 News)
  • TTC prepares ‘Plan B’ after delays to Bombardier streetcar order (The Star)
  • What did we learn in 2017? (Remix)
  • Climate change + transit (TransitCenter)

Crossing the street

  • FHWA rescission of interim approval of rectangular rapid flashing beacons (Alta Planning + Design)
    It’s not clear at this point if these changes in the US will affect Ontario’s guidance for pedestrian crossovers.
  • ‘A different kind of guy’: New film tells tale of the Bridgeport General (CBC)


  • Easy being green: navigating KW’s bike lanes (Community Edition)
  • The safe way to ride your bike in winter (CityLab)
  • Can dockless bikeshare pump cycling’s diversity? (CityLab)
  • Removing cycle lanes no solution to bike safety issues (Advocate Daily)
  • Five things we learned from Calgary’s new cycling data (Calgary Herald)

The shape of our cities

  • What triggered the decade of ‘dramatic change’ in downtown Kitchener? Carl Zehr weighs in (CBC)
  • What California can teach the GTA about urban density (TVO)
  • Scooch over: Toronto has room for more density, study says (The Star)
  • What would a women-led city look like? This urban anthropologist wants to start that conversation (Generocity)
  • Walkable parking: how to create park-once-and-walk districts (Reinventing Parking)

Tactical urbanism

  • A crash course in tactical urbanism (Strong Towns)
  • How a mid-sized Canadian city became the envy of urban planners (Curbed)

Vision Zero

  • Police, public must do better to beat impaired driving (The Record)
  • Lowering speed limits on all city streets will save lives (The Star)
  • Why drivers may fail to see motorcycles in plain sight (Science Daily)
  • Sustainable and safe: a vision and guidance for zero road deaths (World Resources Institute)
  • A new traffic safety paradigm (Planetizen)
  • Pedestrian death prompts calls for increased safety measures (Metro)

The road ahead

  • To measure the ‘Uber effect,’ cities get creative (CityLab)
  • Can cities embrace innovation without sacrificing public health and safety? (Next City)
  • Microtransit: How cities are, and aren’t, adapting transit technology (Curbed)
  • Driverless cars being eyed for Ontario roads (The Record)
  • Some of the funnier (less obvious) implications of driverless cars (Driving Towards Driverless Cars)

One thought on “Week in review: January 15, 2018”

  1. Re: “We need some creative solutions to snow clearing”

    I hate this “special flower delusion” as I’m going to call it. Our city is no different from any other city in Southern Ontario, and very similar to virtually every city with a similar climate. Want to know how plowing our city streets will turn out, go see any one of a hundred cities which already do so. Look at their policies and their results. We don’t need a creative solution. Wasting time trying to find the “perfect” solution causes more harm than just doing it the slightly imperfect way we already know how.

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