Week in review: August 12, 2017

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Consultations, feedback, and events

Fall transit schedule coming

Grand River Transit’s fall service starts September 4. But remember, the 4th is a holiday, so it’ll still be crappy Sunday service that day. Real frequency improvements start on the 5th, with 201 and 202 routes increasing to 10 minute headways at peak times. The 7 will return to King Street in Midtown, while the 200 moves to Park Street.

  • Opinon: Cambridge should change proposed LRT route through Preston neighbourhood [Community Edition]
  • To attract riders, call transit ‘congestion free’ [CityLab]
  • Downtown Columbus will buy bus rides for 43,000 workers [CityLab]
  • Ontario town’s experiment using Uber as public transit is working, officials say [Financial Post]
  • The real reason streetcars are making a comeback [Vox]
  • Podcast: Transit – an instrument of urban freedom [Invisible City]

Bike share

The local municipalities are looking to Hamilton for ideas on the Region’s next bike sharing system. Hamilton’s bike sharing model is one well worth emulating. It’s well-used and growing, providing convenient transportation to thousands. Contrast with the local CAB system, which has fewer members than bikes.

  • Cities fund student transit passes – why not bike-share passes too? [Streetsblog]
  • Data mining is why billions are being pumped into dockless bikes [BikeBiz]
  • Bike share will force Dallas to finally give us the bike lanes we’ve been promised [Dallas News]

Vision Zero

  • MADD says its time Canada caught up with lower drink and drive limit [CBC]
  • How walk-friendly communities manage speed [Walk Friendly Communities]
  • Dying to widen highways [City Observatory]
  • How to promote traffic safety? Use tailored strategies in downtown areas [Planetizen]
  • New study finds higher air pollution at school drop-offs [Metro]

Promoting active transportation

  • Forget all the other reasons you should be riding a bike. This is the one that matters [Shifter]
  • Promoting active transportation to school: a systematic review [BMC Public Health]

Bike networks

  • On sidewalk cycling and the democratization of our streets [Modacity]
  • Why cyclists hate sharrows [Metro]
  • Intersections should be just as safe as the lanes that lead into them [Alta Planning]
  • Even hilly cities have flat bike networks hiding inside them [People for Bikes]
  • Why unprotected two-way bike lanes are a bad idea [People for Bikes]
  • Toughen your rules about bike lanes, mayor tells Canada Post [Ottawa Citizen]

Land use

  • Do lane changes help or hurt retail? US study seeks streets to analyze [People for Bikes]
  • Lyfts radical experiment in charging for free parking [Bloomberg]
  • The not-so-secret trick for cutting solo car commutes: charge for parking by the day [Seattle Times]
  • Forget car-free buildings. Bike-only condos are coming [Huffington Post]
  • The million-dollar neighbourhood [CNU]
  • Multimodal transportation for economic freedom, opportunity, and security [Planetizen]
  • A history of zoning part III: Missing the trees for the forest [Strong Towns]

Finally, hat tip to Week in Review reader Chris Reid, for sharing with us this documentary about how the streets of Toronto are shifting towards cycling and walking.