Week in review: July 15, 2017

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Consultations, feedback, and events


The Record’s editorial board calls Cambridge’s motion in opposition to the proposed light rail alignment through Preston “premature.” Meanwhile Ontario opposition leader Patrick Brown told CBC KW a PC government would also try to bring two-way all-day GO to the Region, but wouldn’t commit to high speed rail.

  • Bombardier admits it may miss 2017 TTC streetcar delivery target (no word on ION light rail vehicles) [The Star]
  • Planning the transit hubs of the future [CityLab]
  • Transit redesigns & improvements
    •  Fixing Toronto’s worst streetcar commute [CityLab]
    • Dallas council members say bus network overhaul can’t wait [Streetsblog]
    • The bus network redesign in Indianapolis will be like launching a brand new transit system [Streetsblog]
    • Can you tour a bus network redesign? [Human Transit]
    • Un-tangling transit: bus network redesigns panel (video) [Transit Center]


  • Why I believe in bike lanes — and you should too: Adam van Koeverden [Metro News]
  • High collision road in Guelph to pilot green bike lanes and bike boxes [CBC]
  • How flowers keep cyclists safe on some downtown Toronto streets [Metro News]
  • Watch out Toronto, Mississauga is passing you in the bike lane [NOW Magazine]
  • Lessons from Amsterdam: how to make cycling easy and fun [Moving beyond the automobile]
  • It takes more than bollards to build a bike paradise [CityLab]
  • Not ‘cars vs bikes’ but ‘people for people’: one city leader’s manifesto for better streets [People for Bikes]

Vision Zero and health

Parking and land use

  • The hidden cost of bundled parking [ACCESS Magazine]
  • Right-sized development should focus on planning policy [The Record]
  • The invisible hand that designed your city [Strong Towns]
  • One thing Silicon Valley can’t seem to fix [NY Times]

Road ahead

  • Ridesourcing’s impact and role in urban transportation [ACCESS Magazine]
  • Why it matters that Uber and Lyft are becoming more like public transit [Quartz]
  • ‘Uberization’ no more: Edmonton city council quashes talks with ride-shares for transit overhaul [The Record]
  • When your state DOT (or provincial MTO) starts talking about “relieving congestion,” alarms should go off [Streetsblog]
  • All the effort that went tiny fighting a Dallas highway is about to pay off [Streetsblog]