3 thoughts on “ION construction updates map”

  1. Unfortunately this map doesn’t show the impact to cyclists and pedestrians along the Laurel Trail, which is now closed between Columbia and Seagram due to construction at Columbia, University, and Seagram intersections. The Waterloo Park bridge construction also blocks access from Father David Bauer. But the official construction updates only seem to consider the impacts to road traffic, not to the hundreds of non-drivers who regularly use the Laurel Trail to get to school or work.

  2. I can try, but I’m still waiting for the ION team to reply to the email I sent them three months ago before construction started :)

    I know TriTag isn’t responsible for the contents of this map, I just wanted to point that out here for the benefit of all the active commuters who may be reading it. This is a map for drivers, not for cyclists or pedestrians.

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