INFOGRAPHIC: LRT is on the way!

What is LRT? Why is it being built? How will it affect the community? When and where can I ride it?

ION Light Rail Transit (LRT) is the solution Waterloo Region needs to manage our growth, connect our region, and ensure a prosperous future. After a decade of study and public consultation, it’s time to move forward, and time to get excited!

To celebrate ION coming up for its final formal approval and to consolidate some of the answers to frequently-asked questions, we’ve produced an infographic showing why ION Light Rail Transit is the best investment to move us around and shape our region’s future.

For a high-resolution .png (7MB) click here.
For a print-quality PDF (9MB) click this link to download.


One thought on “INFOGRAPHIC: LRT is on the way!”

  1. Awesome infographic!! If only you could find a way to distribute this to more people!

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