LRT Referendum Round-up

As everyone knows by now, Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran tabled a motion for the June 1 meeting of Regional Council that calls for an eleventh hour referendum on the Rapid Transit project. This post collects links to some opinion and coverage of the subject. We think it is a terrible idea for a number of reasons, many of which have been lucidly explained in the first three links below.

570 News’ Mike Farwell explains why Council should not allow itself the distraction of a referendum.

The Record forcefully argues against a referendum.

Blog post by Cameron Dearlove against a referendum – Leaders Lead While Politicians Dither.

Here is the rest of the referendum round-up, not including letters to the editor:

The $27,000 Ipsos-Reid poll commissioned by Taxpayers for Sensible Transit asked people about support for the Region’s plans, then re-asked after providing cost estimates without context or explanation. After those questions, people were in support of a referendum – without being given any information about the costs thereof. [The Record]

CTV also has coverage of the poll.

Ipsos-Reid has a press release as well as the more interesting detailed questions and results (PDF).

The Waterloo Chronicle does want a referendum.

Brian Bourke’s column in the Waterloo Chronicle argues against a referendum.

Paul Bedford, the retired Chief City Planner for Toronto, says Waterloo Region should stop the years of talking about LRT and just build it.

David Gibson, CEO of a company doing urban development, argues for leadership, decision-making, and for Regional Council to go through with light rail.

Regional Councillor Jane Mitchell explains why she is against the referendum.

The Cambridge Times has quotes from several Councillors about the referendum idea – Claudette Millar is in favour of one, while Sean Strickland and Jane Mitchell are against. Elsewhere, Jim Wideman and Carl Zehr have voiced opposition to this referendum idea.