CALL NOW – 14 Hours Left To Speak Up For LRT

If you haven’t registered to speak at Regional Council on Tuesday or Wednesday evening next week, now is the time – the Regional Clerk’s voicemail is open 24 hours a day at 519-575-4420, and the deadline for registration is in less than 24 hours – 12 noon on Thursday, May 26.

Even if you just get up, introduce yourself, say that you want your Regional Councillor to vote in favour of LRT and sit right back down, every delegation counts.

Please call 519-575-4420 now and leave your name, number, and your wish to delegate to Council about Rapid Transit.

The meetings available for delegation are:

Tuesday, 31 May at 6pm
Wednesday, 1 June at 4pm

If neither of those dates and times work for you, please let the clerk know and they may arrange another time for you to delegate.

Both meetings are in Regional Chambers, which are easy to find inside 150 Frederick Street, Kitchener. Please call 519-575-4420 now (yes, even at 2am) to register.

See you there!