Carrall Street Greenway by Paul Krueger on Flickr

Week in review July 13, 2018

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Consultations, feedback, and events


The Uptown King Street bike lanes are finally open! Well, at least for the short stretch from the Spur Line to Bridgeport. And provided nobody parks or dumps garbage in them.

  • CycleWR advocates for safer cycling conditions (Community Edition)
  • Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program officially cancelled (Share the Road)
  • How Seville got its bicycle network (Streetfilms)
  • No, cycling isn’t elitist (Outside Online)
  • Electromobility for all (Modacity)
  • Guidelines for the regulation and management of shared active transportation (NACTO)

Vision Zero

  • How Waterloo Region is combatting summer speeds (CTV)
  • When it comes to road safety the burden is not equal for all users (The Star)
  • No, “drunk walking” is not causing a rise in pedestrian deaths (Streetsblog)
  • 3-D crosswalk comes to Montreal (CBC)


  • LRT trains not here, but also not ‘late’ says councillor (Kitchener Today)
  • ION trains being checked after welding defect found on Toronto streetcars (The Record)
  • Eye in the sky: LRT surveillance system includes nearly 200 cameras (The Record)
  • Greyhound to end all bus routes in Western Canada except 1 in B.C. (CBC)
  • Why does the government grant monopolies to bus companies that cut routes? (TVO)
  • The math behind bus-bunching (CityLab)
  • There’s a bus driver shortage. And no wonder (CityLab)
  • The most successful ‘micro-transit’ pilots are performing like decent dial-a-ride services (Streetsblog)

The shape of our cities

  • New affordable units for people with disabilities open in Kitchener (CBC)
  • Downtown opportunity: demand expected to be strong for space Manulife will vacate in Kitchener’s core (The Record)
  • ‘A development tsunami’ in Kitchener (The Record)
  • No picnic: planning for parks a challenge as city grows (The Record)
  • Can downtown Kitchener handle 5,000 more people? (The Record)
  • “Only the front man.” An exclusive interview with retiring Regional Chair Ken Seiling (Exchange Magazine)
  • Can Doug Ford help build the ‘Missing Middle?’ (Ryerson City Building Institute)
  • US millennials find happiness in cities, not small towns (CityLab)
  • 3 major problems with parking minimums (Strong Towns)
  • If you can’t ban cars downtown, just take away their parking spaces (Fast Company)
  • Urban sprawl triples public service costs, says OECD (Cities Today)

The road ahead

  • Toronto plans to test driverless vehicles for trips to and from transit stations (The Star)
  • Where new mobility and traditional transit are actually getting along (Sidewalk Labs)
  • When it comes to AVs, why is no one talking about induced demand? (Mobility Lab)
  • Autonomous vehicles may drive cities to financial ruin (Wired)
  • Self-driving cars are headed towards an AI roadblock (The Verge)
  • Self-driving cars are coming. Will they serve profit or the public? (In These Times)
  • Expectations, uncertainties, and policy choices for self-driving cities (Sidewalk Labs)
  • More lanes won’t help Highway 401 (Hamilton Spectator)
  • The most hostile infrastructure? Suburban roads (Mobility Lab)