Week in review: April 11, 2018

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Consultations, feedback, and events


There’s a growing chorus of voices for a minimum grid of safe cycling facilities in Waterloo Region. Catherine Thompson of the Record covers efforts to bring a protected network to Kitchener.

  • Attitudes to cycling study reveals a third of London’s cyclists started since appearance of safer infrastructure (Cycling Industry News)
  • How the humble bicycle can save our cities (Fast Company)
  • Instead of whining about people who walk and bike breaking the law, how about fixing the problem? (Treehugger)
  • Incorporating multimodal network connectivity measures into planning processes (Alta Planning + Design)

Bike share

The Working Centre has shut down Community Access Bikeshare. To fill the void, the Region appears poised to enter an agreement with Dropbike, a Canadian startup, for a pilot this year, as it prepares plans for a longer-term bikesharing strategy. Dropbike features dockles bikes that can be rented for $1 an hour via a phone app.

  • Uber acquires dockless bike-share startup Jump (The Verge)
  • Effects of the London Cycle Superhighways on the usage of the London Cycle Hire (Transportation Research)

Vision Zero

  • NDP MPP to reintroduce road safety bill aimed at stiffening penalties against drivers (CBC News)
  • Safety signs removed from Davisville school zone in the interests of . . . safety (The Star)
  • Humboldt team bus crash is a tragic reminder that we need safer roads (Globe and Mail)
  • When covering car crashes, be careful not to blame the victim (Columbia Journalism Review)


Consultations continue for the 2018 transit network changes. The plans still lack a connection between the 202 University iXpress and ION.

The shape of our cities

Kitchener’s comprehensive zoning bylaw overhaul draws near to a close, sort of. Half the city, including residential areas and locations under Official Plan appeals are being left out, to be dealt with at a later date

  • Patios expected to sprout soon along LRT line (Kitchener Post)
  • Kitchener OK’s office project (The Record)
  • Council endorses pursuing Uptown realm strategy (Waterloo Chronicle)
  • Huck Glove redevelopment merges old, modern (The Record)
  • Ontario cities are proving themselves as city-building leaders (Pembina Institute)
  • The Ontario Municipal Board will soon be no more. Here’s what that means for you (CBC News)
  • How transit-oriented development can prevent displacement (CityLab)
  • Housing: a shortage of cities (City Observatory)

The road ahead

  • Astounding photos capture graveyards of unused dockless vehicles (Slate)
  • You can’t be a ‘climate mayor’ if you’re making more room for cars (Curbed)
  • The Ben & Jerry’s crash course in transportation economics (City Observatory)
  • The bright, shiny distraction of driverless cars (NY Times)
  • The driverless future is still a long way off (The Record)
  • Car companies failed at regulating themselves. Why would autonomous car companies be different? (Streetsblog)
  • In theory, driverless cars could make Toronto’s roads safer, but, if so, when? (Toronto Star)