Week in review: February 20, 2018

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Consultations, feedback, and events

On foot

In transit

  • Transit network changes public consultations announced (GRT)
  • LRT vehicle testing moves deeper into Kitchener (CTV)
  • Spending on King St. up since streetcar pilot began (The Star)

By bike

  • Don’t let anyone tell you we don’t know how to increase biking in a city (People for bikes)
  • How America’s bike helmet fixation upholds a culture of “unfettered automobility” (Streetsblog)

Vision Zero

  • 5 things you can do right now to #slowthecars in your town (Strong Towns)

The shape of our cities

  • Guelph, Waterloo Region among Canada’s fastest-growing areas (CTV)
  • Renting will be more affordable in Cambridge, if city changes secondary suite process (CBC)
  • Ontario’s failed downtown malls (Sean Marshall)
  • The perilous politics of parking (The Economist)
  • A small zoning change could have big implications for Lexington (Strong Towns)

The road ahead

  • Waterloo Taxi’s Lokal app hopes to take on ridesharing (Waterloo Chronicle)
  • All-female ridesharing service brings peace of mind for women (Kitchener Post)
  • Is microtransit an actual idea? (Human Transit)
  • Uber quarterly sales rose 61% to $2 billion amid heavy loss (Bloomberg)