Dog days of summer…

It’s been a long and busy summer and all has been quiet on our blog. But there’s lots going on:

In a major step forward, the Region of Waterloo has signed a deal for LRT vehicles and even arranged to bring Bombardier’s demo model to downtown Kitchener for a few days. The project moves steadily forward, so far on budget and on schedule.

Speaking of downtown Kitchener, the King Street bike sharrows are in place. Have you seen them? Have you used them? Are they working? We’ll be working with the city of Kitchener later this year to measure their effect.

Cycling is on everyone’s radar these days. The newest edition of the Ontario Driver’s Handbook has a much expanded section on sharing the road safely with cyclists. Hopefully we’ll see them on shelves soon!

Finally, big changes coming to transit in Waterloo with the launch of the 202 iXpress across University avenue and expansion and alteration of other routes. We’ll see 15-minute daytime frequency– or better!– across all three iXpress routes, as GRT works its way towards a more robust and frequent grid transit system. All the details are here.

May your summer treat you well as you walk, cycle, transit and drive your way across Waterloo Region!

One thought on “Dog days of summer…”

  1. I used the Sharrows to bike to the market last Saturday. Now granted, much of the road was closed for the Blues festival, but they were, nevertheless, awesome :)

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