Questions for Municipal Candidates

Municipal election season is starting up. Later this week we will be sending out questionnaires on transportation issues to candidates for Regional Council and the three City Councils. We’d like to hear your ideas for questions! Let us know in comments below, or by email, Twitter, or Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Questions for Municipal Candidates”

  1. Don’t make it too long, we get a lot of questionaires. 5 questions at the most if possible. Make sure all questions are municipal not other levels of Government! And include space for comments. Reasons are important.
    Looking forward to answering

  2. Candidates are sent many surveys and questionaires by many groups in the Region.
    Probably 5 questions max would be a good number.
    Room for support statements to a question is important.
    State what you are going to do with the Candidates’ answers, for example, are you posting them ? are you circulating them and to whom?

  3. Quite recently I have seen a lot of initiatives to get different officials to do a $20 a week food challenge or live of a food hamper for 5 days.

    I would like to see the candidates challenged to travel for a week only using public transit maybe they would get a better feel for the importance of good public transit if they had to get around the tri-cities in this way in the past if officials do travel on bus it has been at the best times.

    Let them deal with missing appointments because the driver had a heavy foot this trip and was ahead of schedule or because the bus switched to hour service and you are waiting on the wrong 1/2 hour or try to get to work or even church on Sunday in Cambridge when the bus doesn’t start until after church has started. Or try and squeeze on to a 52 bus that is already full with people standing and 3 strollers because it should be every 15 min not 30 min or maybe try and get from Cambridge Centre to Homer Watson Blvd a 3hr trip on Sunday.

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