Week in review: January 21, 2017

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Walking and Cycling


Car sharing, ride-hailing, autonomous vehicles, and of course, parking

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One thought on “Week in review: January 21, 2017”

  1. Interesting route changes for Cambridge LRT.
    PRESTON: Avoids construction in wetlands around King/Fountain, and there’s room at Eagle/Speedsville for additional connecting bus stops. (And connects with restored Mill Run bike trail to Hespeler.) But sidelines Preston commercial district.
    GALT: Going down Water and up Beverley may be best, or only, way to cope with narrow streets. 2 big questions:
    1. Hills! Difficult construction, and will trains really be able to travel them safely?
    2. The $64,000 question: how can LRT connect to a future GO train to Milton? Beverley-Samuelson-Dundas is a REAL puzzle, can it be done? Without this, methinks Stage 2 is not worth the money.

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