Week in review: December 10, 2016

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Consultations and feedback deadlines

Walking in a winter not so wonderland


  • Bombardier completes its new Kingston facility for building ION light rail vehicles.
  • ION director Darshpreet Bhatti is leaving the Region for Metrolinx at the end of the year, which should make a much shorter commute for the Brampton resident.
  • The Region wins a prestigious Brownie Award, for the host of brownfield developments ION is spurring along the transit corridor.
  • The University of Waterloo administration responds to the claim that they’re acting as an impediment to connectivity between ION and the 202 iXpress, stating they have “different opinions” on where transit stops should be located. Sorry UW, but it’s not a matter of opinion, its a matter of facts on the ground: the ION stop is fixed in place.
  • Transit naysayer and columnist Peter Shawn Taylor thinks driverless cars will spell the death of transit. Mr. Taylor should familiarize himself with TransitCenter’s list of key arguments of what Uber and driverless cars can’t replace and why transit is here to stay.
  • Streetfilms puts out a new video showing how Vancouver got to 50% “active transit” mode share – in other words, fewer than half of all trips are by car:

Vision Zero

Mandatory parking