Week in review: December 3, 2016

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Consultations and feedback deadlines


  • We’ve put together a list of ways you can help ensure ION and the 202 University iXpress connect.
  • A report coming to Planning & Works Committee next week details how the EasyGO card public roll-out won’t begin until spring, and the complete transition won’t be completed until late summer. The cards, which were supposed to have replaced tickets and passes this fall, have been delayed due to issues with the software behind the system.
  • The new Cambridge Centre bus terminal on Hespeler Road will be in operation December 19, according to a new page on the GRT website.
  • The Region is ordering 66 new buses, necessary for fleet replacements and planned expansions next year.  However, some councillors suggested during the debate that those transit expansions, including better frequencies and the new 205 Ottawa iXpress, might not happen next year if it’s not felt the tax increases can be publicly supported. All the more reason to fill out the Regional budget survey to let councillors know how much you value better transit!
  • Luisa D’Amato writes about how challenges for getting around construction have overloaded demand for the MobilityPLUS service the Region provides for residents with disabilities.
  • CityLab features MARTA Army, a grassroots group of citizens volunteering to improve the cash-strapped transit agency in Atlanta. The group has helped to update schedule information at stops, and fundraises for bus stop trash cans, with the eventual hope that their efforts will help build public support for better transit.


  • Active transportation staff from the Region, cities, and townships hosted a cycling forum on Wednesday, centred around “building a bicycle culture.” Despite the focus on branding, safety, and business, the conversation kept coming back to the need for good infrastructure  – as keynote speaker and Cycle Toronto executive director Jared Kolb put it, “infrastructure creates culture.”
  • Local cycling blogger Steve Shikaze bemoans the shortage of good cycling crossings of the Conestoga Parkway.  The proposed short-term solution for Lexington should help a little.
  • Calgary’s 18 month pilot of a downtown protected cycling network is up for review. Our cities could learn from its scale, speed of implementation, adaptability to change, and commitment to measuring the results.
  • A paper in Safety Science confirms the notion of “safety in numbers.”

 Vision Zero

Autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing

Minimum parking