TriTAG April Pub Night

Next Tuesday the 17th, TriTAG will be hosting our monthly pub night from 6:30pm to 9:00pm to chat with anyone and everyone interested in transit and active transportation in Waterloo Region. Our plan is to hold these the third Tuesday of every month.

Stop by and bring your friends – we’ll be in the Harp Room at McCabe’s at King & Francis in downtown Kitchener. (If you like, join the Facebook event.)

3 thoughts on “TriTAG April Pub Night”

  1. Thanks for catching the time omission – I’ve updated the post with that info. McCabe’s is walking distance from the downtown terminal, and both the 7 and iXpress stop nearby, among a number of other routes heading to the terminal. It’s just a pub night, no particular dress code.

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