Canadians Want High-Speed Rail

Yesterday’s National Post carried coverage of a new poll which shows that 86% of Canadians support high-speed rail. More than enough studies have been done, and the Canadian public overwhelmingly supports the idea — it’s about time Canada got started on it. High-speed rail between Detroit and Quebec City would connect a corridor of nearly half the population of Canada, and extensions to Buffalo would allow interconnection with future HSR links in New York, Ohio, and New England. It doesn’t have to all be built at once, and Toronto to Montreal would make a great starter line.

We at TriTAG would certainly love to have high-speed rail go through Kitchener or Cambridge, but even if it doesn’t, good connections to the line will develop, and we would have an immense improvement in inter-city mobility. Fewer cars on the 401, less airport expansion, and the newfound ability to quickly and pleasantly travel between cities.

Several times a year I make the 11 hour drive to Washington, D.C. Not green or fun, but there are few reasonable alternatives. I would love to be able to take light rail to downtown Kitchener, a GO train to Hamilton, catch a high-speed train to New York via Buffalo, and another high-speed train to Washington, D.C. It would be better for the environment, not to mention safer and more pleasant for me.

One thought on “Canadians Want High-Speed Rail”

  1. High Speed Rail — I think it is about time Canada got rail back on track and have rail service accross Canada, so Canadains who prefer to us rail can. It isn’t like we don’t have the technology because we build these services for other countries. The tracks are already laid down, we just need the updated energy saving trains here so we can use them. It is the railroad that made this country what it is.

    Thank You for allowing me to speak up for this matter.

    Sincerely, Avis Henderson

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